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Last night while I was watching television, my 10 year old son suddenly asked me, “Ma, my friend who shifted to Dhaka last year, would he be ok? I cant understand why are people hurting each other?” I was aghast and didn’t know how to answer it. I realized that however much we try to shield the kids from the news, they are being exposed to it – whether its yet another horrific terrorist attack—this time in Nice, France—making headlines, not to mention the recent mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub, and many other attacks (the ISIS-led explosions in Brussels, attacks in Dhaka, Paris and Beirut) or whether its police killings in USA or recent violence in Kashmir. Unfortunately, answering this heartbreaking question is something no parent is naturally prepared to do. This incident made me realize that recent terrorist attacks & intolerance for each other have detrimental effects not only on those directly affected but also extend to future generations. While Governments & Institutions worldwide are trying to address this issue but how do we individually contribute to make better communities, and be inclusive role models for our future generation?

Among all the negative news filtering through the social media, I came across a powerful message by my mentor Donna Orender of GenwNOW – “Love is much Stronger than Hate and the Key to Building TRUST”. This wonderful message which filled me with hope.

As the pressure on communities across the world rise, and the divide within them widen, we need to proactively connect and work towards bridging this divide. Building TRUST can only do this. We have to CONNECT with each other, LISTEN to people who might be different from us, LEARN to respect our differences and LOVE them the way they are. It is time to have those difficult conversations – conversations around differences, equality and inclusion.

In coming months, we intend to take this conversation to the next level. Biz Divas team would be facilitating Master class sessions on “Inclusion and how to manage difficult conversations” across 20+organisations in various cities. Also we would be launching Women on Boards week (8-12 Aug 2016) inviting senior leaders to have conversations on how we can ensure women have equal opportunities in Boardroom. We are so glad to partner with Nipman Foundation as Board of Advisors to promote Nipman Foundation Awards which have the similar vision of building inclusive communities for People with Disabilities. The award strives to recognize and encourage organisations to provide equal opportunities for People with Disabilities.

I am grateful for all these opportunities to bring a change and be able to look into my son’s eyes and tell him – “ Yes, your friend will be fine. As there are people who he can TRUST and who love him no matter what. And we will build a World of Love based on Trust slowly but surely.” I am hopeful that someday these words will come really true.

Love & Trust



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