Happy Book Lover\’s Day

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For the past four years, Biz Divas\’ Annual Inclusive Leadership Conference – I Inspire speakers have not only shared their inspiring stories and insights from our stage, but they have written these bestsellers too. From Management to memoirs and cookbooks, here’s a list of some great books (in no particular order), one should read to celebrate Book Lover’s Day.

Mamma Mania: My baby\’s journey into this world

By Shabia Ravi walia

Mamma Mania’ is the author’s journey into motherhood, an ultimate goal of a woman. As the title suggests, the book is a refreshing narrative of a first time mother.


Daughter by Court Order

By Ratna Vira

This is the story of a woman fighting against power, money, deceit and treachery for her right to be recognised as a daughter.


Employees First, Customers Second:

By Vineet Nayar

In this candid and personal account, Vineet Nayar—HCLT’s celebrated CEO—recounts how he defied the conventional wisdom that companies must put customers first, then turned the hierarchical pyramid upside down by making management accountable to the employees, and not the other way around.


In Quest of the Last Victory

By Navin Gulia

Despite complete paralysis of the body, Navin Gulia continued to have aspirations and made every effort to accomplish them. With a single-minded focus and determination, he turned his disability into a life-affirming force.


Lady, You’re not a Man

By Apurva Purohit

In this book, Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM, shows how women can accept, adapt and achieve their way to the highest rung in every arena. Through real-life stories and funny anecdotes, she provides pithy tips on a multitude of topics: from training husbands to training interns, from the right attitude to getting it right with kids, from dealing with household crises to office emergencies, from building a reputation to paving one\’s way to the top. Warm, witty and empathetic, \’Lady, You\’re Not a Man!\’ is a must-read for every woman on the quest for work-home balance and determined to succeed in her career and live a happy and fulfilling life.


Don’t Hire the Best

By Abhijit Bhaduri

Abhijit Bhaduri brings his vast experience in leading HR teams at Wipro, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Colgate and Tata Steel to answer these and related questions on hiring judiciously. Bhaduri particularly underlines here the difference between hiring the right fit vis-a-vis hiring the \’best\’


Can I Have it All?

By Anuranjita Kumar

The book, ‘Can I have it all?’ is written as a memoir of the author’s evolving identity. Nuanced, poignant and powerful, it touches upon her struggles in the proverbial corporate jungle, juxtaposed with a heartwarming account of a mother balancing a healthy home and work life.


Guilt Free vegan Cookbook

By Nandini Gulati

The ultimate, reader-friendly guide into the world of food that is free of sugar, gluten, oil, dairy, and of course, guilt!

I hope you enjoy reading these great books from their inspiring authors! Happy Reading!



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