Ten Best Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs

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Success is a combination of thinking right and doing right.

  1. Be optimist
  2.  Avoid Big Mistakes
    1. No cost to low cost – Use social media liked Facebook, twitter etc to drive your business.
    2. It is a proven fact that entrepreneurs are today driving economies. Why? We are able to think fast on our feet, we can make changes as needed when we see the markets change. During recession in 2008, it was “dinosaur” companies suffered the most as they tend to move slowly.
    3. Bring in flexibility in our working style. Maintain a work life balance.
    4. Never design your lifestyle around your work, instead design business around your lifestyle. Then work becomes your passion.
    5. Turn your passion into profits. Purpose of business is actually to make profits and not make it a “Secret Hobby”.
  3. Provide products & services which audience really “WANTS”. Wants are bigger than needs…trust me we indulge more in wants than needs
  4. Business model needs to be efficient and self sufficient. Cost to Income ratio needs to work in your favor.
  5. Learn to embrace risks.
    1. Get out of your comfort zone.
    2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  6. Stay out of fear – Stay in faith.
    1. Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself
    2. Grow as far as your greatest fear.
    3. Biggest fear makes you uncomfortable to be able to reach that big success. Success we seek will only come when we move through the fear.
  7. Learn from inspiring people and surround yourself with people who are there where you want to be.
    1. Invest in training, education, coaching – Invest in yourself.
    2. You are the average of five people who surround you the most.
    3. Master mind: Having a group of successful entrepreneurs with who you would learn and share.
    4. Not everyone will support your success. Don’t get distracted by criticism. Holding back hurts no one but you.
  8. Time: we all have 24 hours but how one utilizes it is what makes one rich.
  9. Marketing yourself is more important than mastery of your skills.
    1. There are many masters of your trade better than you but are not commercially successful because people don’t know them.
    2. If you don’t know how to get word around you wont be able to get clients.
    3. Important to understand how lead generation from offline and online prospects can be converted to buyers and then to repeat buyers.
  10. Make decisions not from where you are but where you want to be.





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