Are we running a business or a hobby???

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Recently I sat with one of my close friends who runs a personalized boutique and she said that it is very difficult to run a business like a business as she finds it difficult to be organized, ask her friends for the payment due to her or even take the next conscious step…

We know that we have a purpose. We know we need a soul-based business, a business which is linked to our passion in order to feel like we are living in that purpose.

Yet, we shy away from structure, rules, and systems. Quite frankly, many conscious entrepreneurs are running their business like a secret hobby.

You might think this sounds harsh. But the truth is, I love you enough to be honest. If you aren’t ready yet to be that for yourself, then let me be that for you.

The looming question is “How do you feed your passion and your bank account?”

Want to know what drives me crazy?

When I hear BRILLIANT women with a purpose say that unless opportunities are in the “ease and flow” they won’t do something about it. The moment something gets hard or uncomfortable (the sign that they are being stretching into their purpose) they quit. They take it as a “sign” that it’s “not meant to be.” If it was meant to be then apparently it would feel like cake and roses.

If that was true then it would be true for all of us. Mother Theresa wouldn’t have fed children across the world. It would have been hard and just “not meant to be.”

It’s nonsense. The principles to make a difference are consistent. We just like to think the rules don’t apply to us. Somehow we can shrink back and pretend that we don’t really matter.

And that is the tragedy that I see. Every day.

There is a difference between “ease and flow” and EASY. If you really want things to be EASY, then get a job. Trust me I have been on both sides of the grass and a job is easier than running a serious venture.

Owning a business is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you will ever do. I don’t know of a single entrepreneur who has had success and it’s been EASY. I’m not just talking about business success, but the holistic type of success, where everything works in your life. You have wealth, health, great relationships and confidence. Isn’t that what we are all wanting?

I hear this all the time (and I’ve said it): “If I can just figure this out then I will make money. If I just remove the block then I’ll be in the flow of money. If I just mend this trauma then my business will work.” When does it end? How many more things will it take to BE whole?

The truth is you are already whole. You are complete. You are perfect. You have what it takes right now to build your business or the concept would not have even entered your consciousness.

You will need help along the way. You will cry. You will be pissed. You will wonder if you can do this. You’ll also experience things you couldn’t have orchestrated any better. You will have breakdowns and breakthroughs unlike ever before.

You will make a difference if you stick with it.

What is ease and flow really? It’s connecting to your purpose and doing whatever it takes to live it out loud. It’s knowing when to push and when to lean back and surrender into the natural rhythm of what you are creating.

You rely on the true inspired knowledge that you are supposed to do this work on the planet and do it now. Not when you have it all figured out. Not when you have fixed one more “broken” belief about your self worth. Not when you see the EASY path. But NOW.

There is no EASY path. You create it.

Being a conscious entrepreneur never meant you had to do this alone. In order to recognize each other and lean on each other for support we have to show up.

Doing the work is important. It is a constant journey. And by the way, you never arrive. We’ll always have something to improve, something to mend and a new awareness of our fixed beliefs playing their part in our life.

Remember the first time anything has been done, people think it’s crazy. So go ahead, be crazy.

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