CEO Commitment to Diversity

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In order for workplace diversity and inclusion efforts to truly be successful within an organization, there must be commitment from the top. To follow are the top five ways CEOs are demonstrating their commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion, as determined by Diversity Best Practices 2011 assessment and benchmarking.

• Require Diversity leaders to report metrics

• Publish CEO Diversity statement

• Meet regularly Diversity executives

• Provide Yearly Updates to Board of Directors

• Provide Annual Updates to Employees

\”Sameer Chadha, CEO — Barclays Shared Services In conversation with Anjana Nathwani\”

Why is it important to have women in senior leadership roles?

There are three main reasons to invest time in creating a pipeline that is balanced. It is the right thing to do for talent reasons. One has access to broader experience this way. Then we also serve a diverse customer base, it is important that the workforce composition mirrors this.

What has been your organization’s focus to promote women in senior leadership roles?

Our focus is to increase number of women at Director and VP levels. Having more women at senior levels builds confidence at all levels in the organization, aspiring women, in particular, they see more role models.

What are the reasons for the perpetual Glass Ceiling — particularly in the C Suite?

The challenges women face across the globe of managing work and home is more pronounced in India, because of societal beliefs — though this is changing at a rapid pace. We have to accept that buy zithromax online australia women do have to make a choice when it comes to work life balance. With the support of family and workplace policies, women are increasingly able to pursue professional and personal milestones. There are regional variations to this in India, for example, Delhi and Mumbai are relatively less conservative than Chennai. As an organization, all our managers are going through a program – “An Unconscious Bias in Leadership”. This has been enlightening, and a key area for us to keep in mind is that women are less likely to put up their hand for promotion or talk about their achievements than men. We are ensuring that we encourage women to come forward and also for men to be aware of the role they have to play in the advancement of women.

Why is it important for men to be involved in ensuring that women have upward mobility?

Sometimes a lot of focus on gender diversity can create a perception of reverse discrimination. Men can often be oblivious to the specific requirements of a working woman. Our women’s network is open to men as well and this exposure does create awareness and opens up dialogue that creates a culture of mutual appreciation and support. Given the importance of networking, women do need to find ways of connecting and increasing their visibility.

What is success, when it comes to gender inclusivity?

We are looking for an equal track for women based on meritocracy. I often ask the question, “Can I be a part of the support ecosystem for women?” A success story is one where women at Barclays feel that they are supported and are able to achieve their full potential and progress based on their merit. It has to be performance based.

• What characteristics do you look for in a prospective leader?

A key characteristic is authenticity (say what you mean, do what you say) and vulnerability (I do not always have the answer). Then, high personal energy and ability to energize people and take constructive feedback. Passion is also important. Women are not afraid of being who they are — hence have the potential to be authentic leaders.

• What advice would you give a woman who aspires to be CEO of a Fortune 500 Organization?

Believe in yourself and retain your individuality, do not become a man in a man’s world.

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