Monika: Early influences are huge factors on where you end up. And then what matters is who you marry.

Vinika: Adaptability, having the ability to take up challenges makes you be able to be successful.

Ratna: There have been many challenges. Sometimes we make it not because of our family but despite it. Believing in yourself and taking a leap of faith is the way to go.

Pooja: The surroundings can be there to support you but if it is not there in you, nobody can make you what you want to be. The moments when you are about to give up and decide to go on are the moments that make you successful.

Vinika: Women make good leaders, sometimes better leaders because of their inherent characteristic of connecting. Every woman is a woman of influence, even if she is a homemaker and raising future leaders.

Pooja: Leadership is not about domination, it’s also about compassion. You have to lead by examples. Leadership is the ability to be assertive and show warmth at the same time.

Monika: A lot of problems are just in our heads. Recognize why you are doing what you are doing. And be comfortable with it.

Ratna: The key for me is – don’t let anyone stop you. People will say a lot of discouraging things but you don’t have to agree with all of those. Dream big. It is true for men and women. But women need to understand that better.

Vinika: We don’t have to be aggressive. Our soft voice can be an asset and we can assert better with being comfortable with who we are. In our survey, the younger the people were, the narrower the difference was between men and women.

Monika: We are living in two different countries. One is progressive and the other is trapped in regressive traditions.

Pooja: The spouses need to understand each other’s passion and not just profession.

Ratna: Everybody has a story to tell and my time had come. I took a plunge!

Monika: I don’t see many women editors out there. It brings down aspiration levels for women. There are barriers inside and outside us.

Pooja: You should be able to strong and warm at the same time.

Monika: Keep doing what you really love to do. It works for men and women but women tend to give up. Just keep at it. Finally that’s what succeeds.

Ratna: Daring to be. If you have a passion, go for it. That’s what going to make you different. Grow our horizons. There’s no glass ceiling, only blue sky.

Vinika: Think of what you really enjoying doing. What are you good at? What can you get paid to do? Find an overlap of all three and there you go!



Ratna Vira – Author of Daughter by Court Order
Monika Halan – Editor Mint Money
Vinika Rao – Executive Director, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute
Pooja Thakur – Wing Commander, Indian Air Force
Moderator: Priyanka Awasthy – Founder Biz Divas Foundation