“Boss, we have an issue…what do we do?” A familiar conversation played out daily in a Manager’s work day. Empirical evidence shows that, 9 out of 10 Managers go pat with “I suggest you do this…” or even more directly, “Just call X and ask them to….”

These are some routine ways how Managers deal with team issues and problems daily. By solving the team’s problems, the Managers have over time made the Team –

– to ‘run to Papa/Mumma’ always!

– become more dependable on the Manager’s skills and decisions

– not apply their own creative minds to resolve problems

– burden the Manager with their own challenges

– to wilt or fail in stressed situations

– not take ownership and responsibility seriously as the Manager ‘air covers’.

From the Manager’s perspective, they are –

– unable to focus and think strategically as they are busy with the tactical

– being paid higher remuneration to handle lower level tasks

– of the belief that they are there to solve problems than lead or innovate

– not perceived as being ready for bigger challenges or higher roles

– managing a team which is un-empowered and not agile.

To progress their careers, Managers should be future ready and not live in their old world. A thinking and nimble team allows for better collaboration and swift decisions. Managers become talent magnets when they challenge/experiment with team ideas, listen more than advise, delegate confidently, thus resulting in a highly motivated team.

So, instead of Dividing ‘thinking’ to themselves and ‘doing’ to their teams, Managers should transform into strong Leaders by creating a Multiplier effect. Except during crisis, Managers should empower the team to think and offer solutions. Over time, strong teams allow their Leaders to progress and team members to succeed as new Managers or Leaders.