(This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of paying-it-forward)

winner circleIn my previous avatar, before marriage and motherhood, I was working for Pan American Airways and Delta Airlines. Destiny decided my fate when Delta closed its Delhi operations. Newly married and on the family way I decided to take a sabbatical. When my bundle of joy was born, I decided to wait for 6 months and then go back to work. Those 6 months stretched to till ‘she is toilet trained’ then to pre-school to Montessori to primary section and so on. Dabbling with paints was a hobby which also got lost somewhere between changing diapers and other mundane routine of life. When I thought I was now ready to work again I never realised that with my daughter I had grown up too!!! Pride wouldn’t allow me to start at a much junior level as my colleagues were way ahead on the corporate ladder. Then frustration came in like an unwelcome obnoxious guest in my life whom you just can’t kick out of your house. My family suggested I start painting again. I befriended Ritu Taneja who was sailing in the same boat as me. Together we started to repaint. Be it terracotta artefacts, fabric or mirrors but I was in such an abyss of self-pity that soon I threw up my paint brushes again.

Destiny has two ways of surprising us – by first refusing our wishes and then by fulfilling them. It’s true that life isn’t complete without friendships and family and you cannot get through it’s toughest challenges without their support by your side. In the past two and half years I have discovered for myself how true those sayings really are.

One day Kiran Chaturvedi came to my house and told me about Biz Divas. This is a forum that believes in women inspiring change. She suggested…strongly advised and then insisted that I attend one of their meets. I went but more with the mind set of ‘obliging’ her and chit chatting with others over a cup of coffee. That meet was the turning point of my life. There has been no looking back since then. While introducing myself I told how I used to paint and how I had made customised reverse side mirrors for family and friends. Every one present there was awestruck. I was asked by many present there to post the pictures of the mirrors on Biz Divas facebook page. I did the needful and must admit that I was not prepared, firstly for so many likes and encouraging comments and secondly Shipra Sharma of Tattva Spa coming to my house to discuss the possibility of working together. Wow…was I dreaming…if I was, I never wanted to wake up!!

My family’s encouragement and Biz Diva’s guidance made me realize that my hobby could be my career. Biz Divas invested in me their time, training and mentorship. This platform got me connected and gave me visibility.


Today I am the founder of ‘The Infinity Mirror Art’. A ‘mirror’ is my canvas and my expertise lies in working on customised mirrors which are painted from its reverse, giving it a plain and a smooth feel from the front. The design of each mirror is derived from series of themes, icons and colour palettes which can make a great addition to any space. A dull wall can be turned into a decorative and functional place with artistically designed hand painted mirrors. They can accentuate any room and help add light to it.