I have come across many successful and not so successful entrepreneurs in my banking career. In the recent past, there have been a rise in entrepreneurial ventures where professionals have quit their day jobs to pursue their passion or what they do best.  

But one common thing prevailing in all professional services business is that it remains at max a free lance consulting/professional service. Most of them fail to transition into a full fledged scalable business. My question is “Do you want to be a trainer/recruiter/fashion designer or want to own a Training/Recruitment/Fashion Designing Business?” As sad as this may be to hear, I don’t think you can do both. Being a fashion designer must be a creative and rewarding profession, and I’m sure you can make a good living at it, but turning that profession into a scalable business – whether its an architectural firm, web designing company or fashion boutique – is altogether different.

This is a question which I am finding myself trying to answer in my current business. A scalable business, at least as I define it, is something that

can run without you personally doing all the work. ??If you want to make the switch from being a fashion designer to running a fashion house, I think the first step is to pick a type of fashion you can teach a junior to design. This means narrowing the services you offer. Perhaps you decide to specialize in Women buy generic zithromax Office Wear that you can teach juniors to do the drawings for or manufacture. Once you've got juniors doing the work, you pour your creativity into marketing their expertise, branding your firm and hiring and training salespeople. You've still got a lot of work to do—just not the designing part. At its very heart, it's about creativity, which is why the profession—like most professions—is hard to scale.??The only way to scale up a professional services firm while simultaneously offering a custom solution to each client is to bring in lots of senior talent and make them partners in the business. But, still, all you will have done is created a co-operative of well-paid professionals, not a scalable business.??Again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be an architect (or lawyer or web designer or consultant or publicist or accountant). Just don't confuse it with operating a scalable business. The two are as different as oil and water.?

Sarika Bhattacharyya is the co founder and Director of Altavis Pvt Ltd (www.altavis.co.in). Along with her friends she started a non profit organisation Biz Divas (www.bdfoundation.in) which empowers women entrepreneurs with entreprenurial, financial, business and professional development skills. She is passionate about financial literacy and entrepreneurship in women. She regularly mentors and trains women entrepreneurs and lives in Gurgaon with her husband and 5 year old son. She can be reached at sarika@altavis.co.in