Preet Dhupar

Preet Dhupar

Chief Financial Officer, IKEA

As someone who believes strongly in challenging myself and constantly learning, I moved to IKEA after working for 14 years in the media industry; having worked in India and briefly in London with BBC Global News and BBC Worldwide.

I’m currently part of the leadership team at IKEA in India and 2018 has seen us open the first store in India in Hyderabad to our customers. From strategy to implementation; from concept to operations – that’s the part of the journey that gives me immense satisfaction and I enjoy the most.
My roles have taken me to companies starting up in India and it gives tremendous satisfaction to continue to see the growth. The 14 years at the BBC also included starting new businesses including Lonely Planet ( then owned by the BBC)

In my current as well as previous roles, finance, tax, strategy, planning and analysis, risk management and compliance and governance and legal have been part of my role.

Working with people is the other aspect I feel most connected to. I have contributed to building diverse, strong, free-thinking, high performing teams who take pride in their work and enjoy what they do. I take succession planning seriously and believe in building leadership within the teams. Working in large organisations and the breadth of my roles has also given me a lot of good experience with different organisation structures, boards and matrix structures


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