Beautilishiya Products Pvt Ltd

Organiko is an entrepreneurial business which has introduced natural skin care products based on donkey milk into the Indian Market while also promoting sustainable development and community welfare.

We’re creating livelihood for one of the marginalized sections of our Society ‘Donkey owners’ by utilizing their existing untapped resource i.e Donkey’s milk to produce 100% Natural skin care products.
Donkey’s milk is known for its Anti-Aging and natural healing properties for skin. And was very famous as beauty secret of queen Cleopatra in Egypt.

Organiko doesn’t just provide natural skin care products to its customers but is also improving the rural economy by uplifting donkey owners. A by product of this is also the good care and proper nutrition donkeys receive since they’ve become assets restoring their original life expectancy from 4-6 years to 20-25 years. The owners who were merely earning 150-300 rupees a day, now earn somewhere between 1300-2000 rupees a day at the rate of 3000 rupees/litre of donkey milk which enables them to provide for their family and educate their children.

However, to ensure that this doesn’t lead to exploitation of the mammals, Organiko ensures that the milk is extracted every alternate day at the rate of 300ml/donkey so that the baby donkeys aren’t robbed off the nutrition they need for healthy growth


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