Meenakshi Batra

Chief Executive Officer, Caf India

Meenakshi Batra is a seasoned social development expert driven by integrity and strong ethical principles. With over 28 years of sector experience, Meenakshi Batra is a confident leader with a passion for innovation. Through her efficient developmental acumen, Meenakshi has been instrumental in augmenting change using system thinking. As a CEO of CAF India, Meenakshi pursues a consistent commitment in integrating social good for both business and society at large by developing creative solutions that draw on the complementary capabilities to address major developmental challenges. As a strong leader, Meenakshi not only thrives for the best but also inspire others to achieve their potential. Her experience includes working in both developing and fragile countries and has successfully led large country programmes in India, Afghanistan and Indonesia, working with some of the leading international development agencies like DFID, Save the Children, Oxfam, War Child, Child Fund International and government in different roles in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia.


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