Deviya Prabhakar



SowGood was conceptualized in 2017 with the aim of integrating farming and composting with existing learning method, to provide a productive and work-based pedagogical approach to children.
The program is integrated in the school curriculum and comprises of academic concepts (related to nature – soil, water cycle, insects / worms, etc.), nature conservation (waste segregation, biopesticides, recycling wastes) and farming (grow your own food). Children undergo an experiential learning experience that enhances their academic results while also providing value-based life skills.
Under the initiative, we develop organic farms and composting unit inside schools, along with children to provide holistic learning experience. A 2-year curriculum (once a week) is created so that:
Longer intervention with schools helps create deeper impact
More children are directly involved with work
Classroom topics are integrated with farming as projects
Help create champions from school to take the program forward after 2 years
Over the last 2+ years, SowGood has partnered with seven Government Schools in Delhi to create a farm-based open classroom learning system, where teachers and children learn together in nature, exploring and understanding newer aspects of the habitat around us. Our team works with the teachers to integrate various concepts of mathematics, science, social sciences, etc. into curriculum planning and designing farming sessions.



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