Archana Doshi

Founder & CEO, Archana’s Kitchen

Archana Doshi the founder of India’s leading recipe and food platform Archana’s Kitchen website – a successful wife, mother, entrepreneur and food activist. Her well organized, graphically appealing and mouth-watering website is India’s leading recipe and food internet address giving the world credible and confident ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. Archana is passionate about returning back to the basics with cooking at home to ensure a healthy body, mind and soul! Her website empowers people to cook food easily in the kitchen with limited time. Her rich content is enhanced with advanced features like weekly meal plans, catering to special dietary needs like diabetic meal ideas, dinner ideas, lunch box ideas and much more. What started out in her kitchen over decades ago, has now grown with a monthly reach of over 14 million users accessing her recipes and videos.


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