Ekohum Foundation

I am Dr Apala Baduni, with a specialization in Oral Medicine and Radiology,with various National and International publications. During my post graduation, I researched on Oral Cancer. Over 5 people in India die every hour everyday because of Oral Cancer.I was shocked to see the volume of patients suffering from this disease, most of these cases were attributed to tobacco, what touched me the most was that these were young people with wives and children; they mostly belonged to a low socio-economic backgrounds.

In my training, I learnt how to diagnose and treat Oral Precancer which precedes Oral Cancer, if at that stage a person can be diagnosed the chances of survival increases by 33%. If all those patients were diagnosed early so many would have saved themselves and their families from death, economic, physical and mental trauma.
Hence the idea of Ekohum was born, to take it ahead; I got training as a tobacco cessation specialist, followed by a fellowship on Oral Oncology. As I had no background of social work hence I started working part-time with NGO, working with end of life cancer patients.
Like minded people came together and we started holding camps for Oral Cancer Screening. and sessions for Cancer Awareness. Till now we have screened 120 people with Oral Pre-Cancer many of them are under treatment, We also help people to quit tobacco, with counseling and many of them have become an ambassador of change.


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