Eduweave Foundation

EduWeave Foundation is a registered section- 8 company. We are a group of professionals with passion and expertise in a) Teaching and Learning, b) Curriculum Development and transaction, c) Teachers’ Professional Development, d) Creating Assessment tools for Learning; e) Leadership Development and, f) School Transformation.

The primary purpose of our organization is to provide contextual solutions to various educational problems that interfere with children’s learning. We cater to all types of educational organizations that are directly or indirectly working towards improving the quality of education. We believe that in the present context there is a dire need to make viable shifts in the following areas:

  • outcome oriented practices to holistic development of children with due emphasis on social and emotional development of children
  •  information laden curriculum to experiential curriculum
  • fragmented popular practices to process-based inclusive experiences that cater to the individual and group needs
  • inspection and judgment to support and guidance
  • administrative leadership to pedagogical leadership

Our vision is to create child-friendly spaces led by empowered school leaders and teachers. We believe that these spaces can be created by building capacities of teachers and school leaders and by weaving relationships between people and processes of educational ecosystem. We have two major verticals:

  1.  Providing pedagogical support for school transformation. This .includes a) teaching and learning practices and process , b) capacity building of teachers, c) leadership training and d) integration of social and emotional component in the existing curriculum
  2. Setting up and enriching pre-primary based on the developmental needs of young children.

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