It is heartening to see women progressing on their way to realize their true potential. We are fortunate to be living in this wonderful era that is witnessing a little slow, perhaps, but a steady evolution of women and their place in society, business and economy. Every single day brings an opportunity to get inspired by so many determined and strong women, changing the world with their contribution in their own unique way. Biz Divas applauds all these feisty women.

Recently, Business Today came up with their Hall of Fame: The Most Powerful Women in Indian Business 2014. Every women on the list is an asset for our nation, and also a role model for many.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Biz Divas congratulates Renuka Ramnath, CEO, Multiples Equity, for making it to the list and is especially enthralled as Renuka was among the earliest women leaders to be associated with Biz Divas. Renuka Ramnath was a speaker at the Launch of Biz Divas Delhi Chapter two years back. She spoke of courage and making choices for your own self with a conviction and poise that left audience moved deeply. Relating her own story, she motivated women to tap into their real power that remains dormant most of the times because of lack of faith in one’s abilities.

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Once again, salutations to Renuka Ramnath and all women leaders who reached the coveted Hall of Fame, Biz Divas can see a lot of women following them to the list soon!!

Congratulations! More power to women!