Mentoring Walk

Mentoring Walk

Vital Voices’ signature event, The Global Mentoring Walk is a notable initiative taking place on the same day in several countries around the world in celebration of the International Women’s Day. 

The idea behind the Global Mentoring Walk is fairly straightforward – established leaders meet women aspiring to their roles for a walk, during which they share thoughts on various challenges, learn about each-other’s experience and build the mentee-mentor relationship. These women are from diverse walks of life but they are guided by a shared belief: power expands the moment it is shared. Through their efforts, thousands of women and girls came together across cultures, generations, religions, countries and identities to bring this message to life.

BD Foundation is the official flag bearer of The Global Mentoring Walk in India. In the past 5 years, we have hosted various walks around the country mobilizing thousands of women and provided established women leaders a platform to activate the potential of a new generation of change-making, boundary-pushing women and girls, enabling them to create a better world for us all. These walks have marked the start of a very long and inspiring relations which have enriched the participants and their perspective as leaders.

    Our Mentors

    Ajith Sundaresh
    Amit Aggarwal
    Amit Chawla