One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.

~ Paulo Coelho.

I was amazed to see how this small but profound message, which a friend sent early one morning, created the ripple effects and made that small huge difference that we all probably had been waiting for…the wave was created. I forwarded this message to a few other friends. Instantaneously, responses started pouring in…“thanks for sharing”, “you have set me thinking”, “you have inspired me” and a few likes. Someone even put this up as their display picture on the BBM. Yet another went ahead and treated herself with something that she had been abstaining since long and wrote to me…”your message in the morning made me do this” and attached the picture of what she did. This set me thinking…we all…we all hold ourselves back from doing things for ourselves. Reasons could be many…some of us due to sheer laziness and some of us due to perceived priorities…net result…no time for ourselves…no ‘me-time’.

Do we even remember when was the last time we pushed aside everything, brought ourselves to the fore and took the plunge? We tend to brush aside thoughts about ourselves. We at times tuck them away for a later review as there are always more pressing needs and tasks to be managed on priority. Sometimes we don’t even appear in our priority list and if by chance we do, we occupy the most order zithromax in uk unceremonious slot, we could be scribbled somewhere down below and not visible to the naked eye. It is extremely important that we get our ball rolling before it is too late and before it explodes. We need to take the first step towards planning of the ‘me-time’ project – I am presuming that the intent is there. This project needs to then quickly move into the execution stage…our thoughts about ourselves need to be acted upon…we are also priority. Do not get bogged down by the entirety of the project…embark on this journey taking one step at a time.

Begin with setting aside small intervals of ‘me-time’ and focus on what the outcome should be. Keep reminding yourself, it is NOW or NEVER. The time that we set aside to achieve these smaller goals might seem negligible but remember…Rome was not built in a day! These are milestones events in their own sense. The time that we dedicate to ourselves is critical for our overall well-being. Our wellbeing would mean…well-being of our immediate environment, well-being of our touch-points, well-being of our relationships, which could be in any shape or form – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Whatever may be its’ form, it definitely leads to a sense of achievement…pride, happiness and peace.

So…go ahead…set aside and block some ‘me-time’ with yourself…start now or it might be never.