It was a cold day but still Biz Divas braved the winter chills and made it on time for our January session. So first of all thank you for taking the time out and congratulations also for following and taking one step closer to achieving your dream. Because it takes passion to dream and make it reality, we thought of documenting your dream in form of SMART Goals.


We had Namrata Arora, who has rich 13 years of experience in the field of learning and training in companies like GE, Sapient and Accenture as the Guest Speaker for our Goal Setting Workshop. She is a Certified Coach and has helped many professionals in achieving their true potential though her Life Coach sessions.


The session started sharp at 5.30 pm with a small introduction of the participants and also their reasons for attending the session. It was very interactive as well as fun session with many eye openers.


The participants were encouraged to think through their goals, write it down and then share it with the group. We went through all the steps of questioning the goals, refining it and enhancing it to be a SMART goal.


The end result was every member left with one specific goal written down which they intend to follow it through as well as support system who would help them to keep them on their path.


The Group coaching session was followed with networking where lot of new members shared their business ideas as well sought partners who could help them with their ventures and professional goals.


If you want to have one on one sessions with Namrata Arora as a Life Coach, she is available at