I Pledge Inclusion

Inculcate the importance and value of inclusion for everyone.



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I Pledge Inclusion

I Pledge Inclusion is an awareness campaign run by BeyonDiversity with an aim to inculcate the importance and value of inclusion for everyone.

This collaborative public awareness and advocacy initiative will bring together 100+ organisations and 100,000+ individuals by 2023 committed to create an inclusive world.

The Pledge

Inclusion Framework

Advocate for sustainable and inclusive practices and policies


Establish gender equality


Ensure infrastructure and technology accessibility


Promote equal opportunities for minority groups


Treat everyone fairly at work



Individuals who sign the pledge can undertake one or more of the following action items to take forward their commitment to Inclusion and create a larger impact

Be an Advocate

Take the pledge to more individuals and organizations and convince them to be an Inclusion Champion

Be a Mentor

Commit to mentorship by mentoring individuals within your organization, network or in an external setup

Be a Sponsor

Become a partner to the pledge by assisting in outreach and donate to advance the cause

Nominate a Leader

Nominate a senior leader from your organization or network to be a part of BD Think Tank

Start a Sensitization Dialogue

Conduct a sensitization session on Inclusion within your organization and connect us to other organizations

Promote on Social Media

Share I Pledge Inclusion graphics on your social media handles

Sign the Pledge

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