Inclusive Leadership



Inclusive leadership is essential for making sure diverse thinking is respected, managed, heard and applied. Inclusive leaders understand how different thinkers react to change, and are uniquely prepared to communicate and influence in a way that gets everyone on board with new ideas and new ways of doing things.I nclusive leadership training assists leaders in understanding their implicit bias, assumptions and prejudgments. It also seeks to widen their understanding of inclusion as a business agenda & improve their ability to work with diverse groups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding for and embracing differences and diverse perspectives.
  • Linking diversity and inclusion efforts to business strategy
  • Appreciation of the value of the contributions of all employees
  • Techniques for eliciting and integrating diversity of thought and fostering a collaborative culture
  • Willingness and ability to flex leadership styles
  • An understanding of the nature, origin, and consequences of cognitive blindspots and bias
  • Techniques to manage bias in oneself and others
  • Understanding of various approaches for empowering diverse talent

Approach: Case Study, Role Plays, Videos and Simulated Activities

Who Should Attend: Customised programs for Leaders, Hiring teams, Managers leading teams

Duration: 1 Day

Maximum class size: 20