You-or-The-Other-Guy“Why should we hire you?” is anothercommon interview questionthat can take you down the wrong road unless you’ve done some thinking ahead of time. This question is purely aboutselling yourself in the interview. Think of yourself as the product. Why should the customer buy?

The Wrong Track: The question actually means “What can you do for us?” Be specific on how your skills can benefit the organization. Sell yourself to get the job. You could also list out some soft skills like your problem solving capabilities with examples

Develop a Sales Statement: The more detail you give, the better your answer will be. This is not a time to talk about what you want. Rather, it is a time to summarize your accomplishments and relate what makes you unique.

Product Inventory Exercise: The bottom line of this question is, “What can you do for this company?” Start by looking at the job description or posting. What is the employer stressing as requirements of the job? What will it take to get the job done? Make a list of those requirements.

Next, do an inventory to determine what you have to offer as a fit for those requirements. Think of two or three key qualities you have to offer that match those the employer is seeking. Don’t underestimate personal traits that make you unique; your energy, personality type,working styleand people skills are all very relevant to any job.

The Sales Pitch: You Are the Solution: From the list of requirements, match what you have to offer and merge the two into a summary statement. This is your sales pitch. It should be no more than two minutes long and should stress the traits that make you unique and a good match for the job.

What Makes You Unique? Completing an exercise around this question will allow you to concentrate onyour unique qualities. Like snowflakes, no two people are alike. Take some time to think about what sets you apart from others.

Let the interviewer know that you have been listening to the problem and have what it takes to do the job — that you are the solution to the problem