It is the age of instant chow, instant perk-up potions, incessant breathless living in public fora and all round inyour face ‘my gratification first’. Status or life event updates happen at lightning speed. Life ebbs and flows with the number of likes you generate. If you are a slow poke and haven’t revved up your social engine, God alone save you. Yup, every second counts in the race to the finish line, but stopping sometimes to smell the coffee, on this rough road is exhilarating.
As we drive ourselves insane to excel at all realms like responsibilities of children, challenges at work, building a wonderful home, acquiring a jazzy personal style, we are constantly running just to stay put. While we juggle both personal and professional arenas, why do we burn ourselves with guilt when either of these, takes priority over the other? Why don’t we multitask guilt-free, or milk our support system? We keep falling into the trap of ‘still not having it all’, as we compare our accomplishments vis-a-vis peers.
As we grow aspirational, we have become the sum total of glossy war paint, gossamer designer threads, hefty bank balances, solitaires or foreign yatras. Can we hope to peel off our superficial societal veneers, to find our real selves and thereby peace? How do we lead a meaningful life in which we contribute to the society by giving it back more than what we get?
The answer to a better you, lies within. Let’s move away from our comfort zone. Let’s be the change, the immovable courage, the inspiration. Let’s chase a SMART dream. Scintillatingly Mature, Articulate, Righteously Trendy!
Let’s make those Einstein Moments last a little bit longer when everything is Crystal Clear! E=MC^2 Enlightenment becomes Mine when I am Clutter and Chaos free!!
Our childhood experiences and surrounding environment play a vital role in moulding our character. Our spousal choices – boon or bane – makes us bloom or wilt, soar or sink. When the partners are in sync with each other’s ambitions, it’s very easy to succeed in all spheres of life. As modern women, we want the freedom of choices, the freedom to live by those choices, to explore our life, in our own unique way. Having the confidence and the strength of conviction in our own choices, is how we soar. Once we chalk out our expectations and are aware of our limitations, choosing the best possible middle path is the course ahead.
The business of life is serious enough. The pleasures of small inanities and absurdities of our daily grind make it manageable and worthwhile. The big picture takes care of itself when we solve the smaller portions of this unending jigsaw puzzle. Life is not all about chasing the pot of gold, attaining materialistic goals but is the sum total of little joys and subtle nuances. The elusive ‘Life Key Mantra’ is happiness. So hang on tightly to every little chance and make it a habit. Happiness will be the best life affirming gift to self.
While we are constantly trying to wear the pants, in our abiding effort to break the glass ceilings, let’s remember that we drape the saree too. Let’s celebrate our innate femininity with an assiduous blending of masculinity. Yin and Yang.