Culture Audit & Talent Strategy

Our diversity diagnostic tools provide you with detailed insights into your business.

By reviewing your workforce data, speaking to your staff and observing your company culture in action, we can draw powerful conclusions about how to progress your diversity agenda. We’ll work with you to drill down into the data you have, consult with staff at a range of levels, and review your relevant policies. Your final report will outline where the barriers are to diverse groups. We’ll consider barriers that are systemic and also cultural. The report will also have recommendations for next steps and ways of measuring your progress. Diagnostics tool can be customized to identify specific diversity challenges. These might include:

  • Unconscious bias
  • Understanding and accessibility of policies
  • Staff engagement and employee wellbeing
  • Managing diversity
  • Leadership commitment and visibility
  • Flexible working
  • External communication
 We support businesses with our diverse talent management consultancy which ensure to track, monitor and report on diversity not just in hiring process but right through your talent pipeline.


  • Designing & consulting on talent management strategy
  • Boosting employee engagement
  • Training and coaching diversity champions to lead on key workplace initiatives
  • Creating diversity data dashboards to assist in tracking and monitoring of KPIs
  • Building communication around the diversity agenda
  • Assist in Employer Branding
  • Addressing workplace conflict or disputes through expert mediation.