CSR Advisory

We seek to establish a robust governance structure by leveraging our team’s deep domain expertise in social innovation & sustainable impact.

Our Expertise

What We Do

Stakeholders Mapping & Management

  1. Mapping of key stakeholders at your organization to help formulate balanced CSR committee
  2. Identifying & training the CSR working team which resonates with the company’s CSR ethos and vision

CSR Strategy & Roadmap

  1. Compliance with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013
  2. Development of your complete CSR plan

Assessment & Impact

  1. Impact assessment with baseline and end line survey
  2. Design and develop a legal & logical framework for the shortlisted intervention areas

Capacity Building & Project management

  1. Identification & due diligence of the NGOs as per companies’ CSR mandate.
  2. Enhancement of capacities & Program management of partner NGOs

Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

  1. Framework to assess the effectiveness of program/s, evaluate impact and redesign the CSR initiatives.
  2. Providing  CSR Audit & impact assessment report to the Board.