firework_colours_night“Create Distractions”, these words still ring in my ears loud and clear. Not sure how much do I really remember and can spell out from the various lectures and class-room sessions that I have attended. But these words are etched in my memory. Some professors leave an impression on you for a life-time. Listening to this Prof. has been so far the best experience in my academic journey.

Distractions keep us fresh, they give us perspectives and do not let the monotony or boredom or sense of “where now” & “what next” set in, they help us evaluate alternatives. A distraction could be anything, it could be getting up from the work-station and walking up to the coffee machine or just standing next to the window and watching what’s happening on the other side or going for a small stroll amidst an absolutely grueling day. It is just doing something at that point in time that helps in shifting the grey-cells to a different plane. It is different from what one is doing at that moment. Being away from the work-station and getting on a call or clicking “likes” on the Facebook on the smart-phone, browsing through the pages of a book or the net, could be the required distractions for a few of us. Distraction is switching-off from our immediate surrounding or the current thought and changing tracks. Step aside from what you are doing at that moment. The question is why is it so important to do this at times? This is important and in some cases it is essential as this slight shift, this change in scene could put us in a different mood and bring things to the fore with a different perspective. It is like change your surroundings to change you mood and add perspectives. I am sure some of us would have experienced this either consciously or subconsciously and it would have helped us to return to what we were doing with infused energy and enthusiasm.

The above might sound contrary to the general belief of “create a distraction-free environment to enhance productivity” or “distractions at times spell disaster”. All theories and thoughts are situational and hence once needs to understand the relevance of the same in a given context.  I am sharing this thought as it has helped me add perspectives, look at the same subject in a different light, appreciate a tangential viewpoint, spice-up the routine and at many times it has made me more positive and has helped me approach the routine with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Distractions have enabled me to tackle things with more determination and commitment and at times deliver better than routine. The underlying principle is to tackle tasks in a manner that add value to the overall proposition. There is also a caveat, distractions need to be created and treated as distractions and not routine. Create distractions and feel the difference.