Biz Divas Corporate Network

The fundamental purpose of Biz Divas Corporate Network (BDCN) is to promote Women Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, futuristic and inclusive thinking, and working out solutions for challenges faced in the area of balanced leadership by organizations.

BDCN is a part of Biz Divas’ vision to help facilitate advancement of women in their career ladder as well as their contribution to economy. Organizations benefit from a holistic leadership and Biz Divas help member companies realize their goals of attracting, engaging and retaining women talent pool.

Biz Divas Corporate Network invites participants from private, multinational & public sector companies.

What We Do

Biz Divas Corporate Network meets four times a year for half-day sessions across India (viz namely, Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore for 2014). The format of the meetings can be Conversation Cafe/Workshop/Event/Conference. The sessions are built to find workable solutions for organizations around the subject of women cheap levaquin leadership.

Periodic sessions are meant to provide a forum to engage in a dialogue with other organizations and enhance strength with respect to global leadership.

Biz Divas annual conference I-Inspire encapsulate all the aspects of balanced leadership as way of culmination of our work around the subject. Most of the sessions are hosted by member organizations while the domain experts are carefully chosen by Biz Divas.

 Criteria for Membership

Organizations inclined towards a pro-women and global approach with employee strength of minimum 500 can apply to be a member of Biz Divas Corporate Network. We expect organizations to maintain an ethical code of mutual benefit and non-disclosure of information gained during Biz Divas Corporate Network to third parties without consent.


Biz Divas Corporate Network Membership Annual Fee: INR 1 Lac (Special Launch Offer)



For further details, please contact Namrata at

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