Case Studies

Economic growth doesn’t mean anything unless it is inclusive growth

We have partnered with 100+ corporates from various industries across the globe to work on their diversity agenda & drive inclusive business growth. We have also worked with Academia, Government Institutions on Research, & Policy level.

Case Study 1

Inclusive Employee Engagement

Create an inclusive culture of respect for a Global KPO Asset Restructuring firm

Context & Need

This organization partnered with BD Foundation to co create a long lasting culture of respect & inclusion at the global level.


We studied the existing environment, culture, context, and business model of the organization to put ourselves completely in the picture. We took the following action:

  • Analyzed the culture from a cross-section of the organization, conducting FGD covering employees of all functions and from across the global offices.
  • We presented  Diagnostic & Strategy reports for a one day offsite meeting with their leadership team to share whats working well and what could be the next steps towards creating an inclusive culture.
  • Helped senior management to gain insights on how Bias & non inclusive culture can impact business. Also, initially they were focused on Gender as an agenda but our diagnostics suggested that Regional diversity is also a huge challenge as certain minority group was feeling excluded.
  • Designed a ‘Manager Sensitisation on Inclusion’ workshop and implemented the same across all locations.
  • Helped organization to create Diversity Roadmap (Action Plan) with specific metrics & helped to implement these interventions.
  • Designed the ‘Train the Trainer’ program for internally chosen leaders to take this cultural change intervention to other parts of the organization.
  • Women Leadership program also helped to accelerate & retain women talent growth in the organization
  • After 2 years, we reassessed the numbers and employee engagement index & revisit the strategy.


The gender diversity ratio had gone up from 12% to 15% in two years. There was better representation of all diverse groups – gender, generational, regional in all forums including the Leadership forum.

Case Study 2

Gender Diversity Benchmarks

Increase the retention of women talent and also build a culture where women excel in their roles for Global Technology Innovation firm.

Context & Need:

This organization approached with specific need to have a better gender diversity ratio and be able to retain their women scientists & leaders.


We studied the environment, context, culture, and business model in order to bring our expertise to helping the organization in creating higher goals.

After a detailed discovery process which included Detailed Exit surveys with 200 women employees, we did the following:

  • Presented a detailed diagnostic report to Leadership team highlighting reasons for women to quit which was as distinct from personal reasons as quoted usually. .
  • Helped to identify bias in their Hiring & Promotion review process which were major reasons for not able to retain women talent. Trained their Hiring team along with Managers on Unconscious Bias and how to overcome it.
  • Designed an Inclusive Leadership workshop with follow on coaching sessions to build a culture of Respect, Empathy and Equal Opportunity for all Managers across 20+ locations.
  • Worked with senior leadership & HR team for three years, helping them to draft and implement every stage of their diversity journey
  • Worked with women leaders & male sponsors for Mentorship program & build a sustainable culture of mentoring within the organization.
  • Helped their Internal Corporate Communications team to work on their messaging for building a culture of Mentoring, Respect & Inclusion.


The women attrition rates were down from 25% to 18% in three years time. Better representation & visibility of women in leadership levels was seen. Hiring Policies & Promotion Policies were reviewed with specific metrics. This resulted in promotion of women at all levels go up from 7% to 9%.