The inclusion of the diverse human race has become a global priority for the public, private and voluntary sectors. While exceptional efforts are in place, the sustainability of such inclusionary practices is still in question. To advance the agenda of building an inclusive and sustainable community for all, BeyonDiversity has worked with more than 100,000+ inspiring changemakers, women leaders, male champions and institutions all focused on promoting inclusive growth.  Following the same intent, BD Think Tank, an initiative of BeyonDiversity, will be holding its first core committee meeting for this year on July 11, 2018.


As a global think tank, this initiative seeks to promote inclusion and sustainability as a business agenda. The aim is to bring together leaders from business, institutions, academia, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to create and execute a plan promoting innovation and growth. A global collaborative platform, BD Think Tank will have participation from diverse minds to convert ‘Intents into Actions.’

Mission and Goals


  • The goals of BD Think Tank are 5 pronged and include advocating sustainable and inclusive business practices & policies, establishing gender equality, ensuring accessibility and opportunities at all levels & non-discrimination.
  • We acknowledge that the achievement of such diverse goals requires multiple levels of intervention and a meaningful thought leadership. Therefore, we have identified 4 major levers to advance the agenda of inclusion and sustainability.
  • BD Think Tank will undertake Mentoring, Research, Advocacy and Skills Building to build a more inclusive environment where differences are recognized, understood, appreciated, and utilized to its full potential.


First Step towards Change


The first BD Think Tank core committee meeting which is just around the corner aims to stimulate a constructive dialogue amongst the members and create a roadmap for future interactions and actions. The intent of such a discussion is to identify the potential contribution of each stakeholder in the building of an inclusive and sustainable community and to collaborate with one another to better advance the Think Tank goals.


The participation to BD Think Tank core committee meeting is by invite only. If you believe that you are a changemaker, and would like to be a part of our journey towards inclusion and sustainability, please write to us at