It’s a late Thursday afternoon in early May. The weather makes a sudden turn-around, strong winds blow and large raindrops plummet from the sky as I walk towards my car, on my way to the Biz Divas Power Networking Meet being held at the Ramada Central, Gurgaon. I’m eager to meet the many women who are defined by their varied occupations – entrepreneurs & corporate professionals, and unified by their quest to grow, develop, learn and network with others like them and not so like them- and hence form a part of this young but amazingly mature network, I have seen myself connect with over the last couple of years.

The crowd is interesting, a mix of entrepreneurs as well as women from corporates.  So is the venue, the right balance of cozy and lavish, the setting is inviting and after a few brief conversations, everyone settles down to hear Sarika Bhattacharya, the co-founder of Biz Divas, who not only shares her perspective on networking but also tips from her own repertoire.

The tip I find most relevant goes like this “Helping others achieve their dream and you will achieve yours”. To me this captures the essence of this powerful tool which is based off building and leveraging relationships. You can only build a relationship when you have given something of your own to it. The other one that found a home was a practical tip to remembering who you met and when – just jot down the details behind each visiting card within the next 24 hours.

Freshly empowered from the pointers buy generic zithromax azithromycin india they just heard, the group then breaks up to kick off their own networking. Some participants begin immediately, starting off with a warm smile, a hand of introduction held out to the women they find themselves next to. Initial exchanges about what each one does lead to more probing, shared interests, common friends & acquaintances –in some cases even neighborhoods. I see some quick advice being solicited and willingly given, visiting cards exchanging hands and compliments flowing. Some groups form and stick through the remainder of the evening. Others meet up and then split as participants try to “do the rounds” and meet up as many people as they can. The fresh snacks arrive and quickly become a part of the conversations adding more energy and cheer!

I almost thought that this was the way the evening would end. But it’s suddenly time for speedy introductions – our chance to know each and everyone who attended today – and one interesting fact about them. Not only are the women very accomplished & leaders in their own right, but each one has an interesting, fun side to their persona – the sharing of which suddenly lightens up the mood, generates peals of laughter and treats us to an  impromptu salsa performance!

I go home with my newly acquired networking tips, a bunch of recently acquired visiting cards and an expanded set of acquaintances, having sown the seeds for new relationships which could become critical part of my network in the days and years to come! An evening well spent!