msBiz Divas Meetup : July 29, 2014 held at Ramada Central, Gurgaon

Every Biz Divas meet is aimed at bringing value to its members and is inspiring, yet this meetup was different. One could tell from the bubbling energy in the room as the guest speaker was Milind Soman, supermodel, actor, marathoner, the heartthrob. Aptly named “Coffee with Milind”, the meet had an informal air to it and Biz Divas loved chatting with Milind. Though the atmosphere was relaxed, the topic at hand was profound and close to heart of many, especially Milind’s. Milind talked about Pinkathon, his mission and vision around it and how everybody at an individual level can make a difference.

Started with a round of introductions shared over hearty laughs, the discussion went in to the depths of the subject of awareness around health issues. Touching a chord with many present there, it was noted that women’s health is not a priority in general in India. They tend to ‘sacrifice’ their well-being by focussing more on others around them. Since we do not have a strong culture of either sports or exercise, women tend to neglect physical activity. Not doing domestic chores oneself does not help the matters either.

More than anything else, awareness is paramount. Women in general are not encouraged, if not outrightly discouraged, to be pro-active in taking care of themselves. Situation in cities like Gurgaon is better and is getting better day by day in that respect but India as a whole has to go a long way to be a health conscious country.

Running is Milind’s passion and his words reflected that potent passion. He inspired women to take charge of their lives and take up some form of exercise as a routine. He answered queries about Pinkathon,  a 10km International Run only for women. The objective of the event is to encourage women’s health and fitness. Pinkathon also aims to raise awareness about breast cancer, its causes and prevention. The next Pinkathon run is slated for September 14th, 2014 in Delhi.

Along with the whole hearted support to the noble cause, the ladies present also pledged to spread awareness about Pinkathon and bring in more and more participants from their networks. The audience also had representatives from various corporate organizations like Barclays, Dell, Encore and Macquarie.

The talk culminated with everyone ‘running’ to get a picture clicked with Milind. Milind, a total sport, posed with his natural ease and elegance with every participant.

Biz Divas believes in empowering women in every sphere of their lives. Health being central to every other aspect, it is passionate about enabling women to take charge of their health. Biz Divas had partnered with Pinkathon in 2013 and we are partnering again in 2014, sure to help take it to a different level.

Here’s to Women’s Health and Pinkathon!