ron running

From running-is-impossible to completing a 6km run (albeit huffing and puffing through the final km) and then to win a gold medal  in a duathlon – a double event of cycling & running. ‘Possible’ could very well be Ranjana Deopa‘s middle name.

Married for a decade with two kids and 13 years of experience into the corporate world with brands like Xerox, ABN-AMRO, ICICI, Ranjana co-founded Altavis – an exclusive consultancy focused on executive search and leadership training. Ranjana was instrumental in the conception and setting up of Biz Divas.

Although adventurous by nature and into sports during her school life, Ranjana never gave running a serious thought till about six years back when running was gaining momentum as the newest fitness mantra on the block.

She began by participating in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon but soon after the second baby, took a two year hiatus from running.

When she decided to get back into shape, gym seemed a viable option. A monotonous regime, gym could not hold her interest and she started to look around for someone to run with her. Ranjana found the much needed support in the group called West Delhi Runners and hasn’t looked back since. She ran her first half marathon (21 km) in 2012, second in 2013 and finally a full marathon (42 km) in 2014.

Her lifestyle has evolved into healthy eating habits, a cut down on late nights and running on weekends – come rain or shine. The excitement of going out and running with other runners coupled with the social bonding, is what she looks forward to on her weekends.

Her kids – son, aged 81/2 years and daughter, aged 4 years are equally gung-ho about her passion and recently ran 4 km and 2 1/2 km respectively in a junior run. Her husband took up cycling a couple of years back (which she has taken up too) and also runs with her now. This is what led to their joint participation in the duathlon organised by LRG and the subsequent gold medal. All in the family, it seems!

When asked about her secret, she says, “Just like my career, I set milestones and a plan to achieve them in running as well.” Her next target is a hill run and she plans to participate in a mountain marathon in Rishikesh or Mukteshwar this year.

Wishing her all the best for this, we look forward to featuring her next golden win!