Some of us are in this constant endeavor of balancing the calorie intake and motivate ourselves to lose a few kilos. While a few have successfully managed the balance, some will always be on this path with the hope to strike the balance sooner rather than later.

With this in mind, I am more than inspired to share a very successful story of a friend, Parizad Sirwalla and her battle with the bulge. Her journey led her to a healthy score of 68 kgs from 112kgs. Being a working mother, like most of us, her to-do list was never ending. Her sheer determination and focus and some mantras that she made for herself ensured that she didn’t deter and continues to tread.

Mantra 1: Never let a problem become an excuse

She had been living with her obesity for over 10 years and like most of us had enough and more excuses like lack of time; too much work; family stress; working mother etc. Her weight had sky rocketed to a dangerous 112 kg leading to the beginning of some health ailments at the age of 41. Her subconscious mind nudged her that this is the beginning of her physical downfall and her problems cannot become the excuse and she needs to act.

Mantra 2: Put your problem in proper perspective

Perceive that there is a problem and then draw out the steps to tackle it. Parizad first acknowledged that there was a weight issue. Following it by meeting a dietician, charting a diet plan, setting some exercise goals, seeking family support and ensuring that she sticks to the plan and remains positive.

Mantra 3: Try, start begin NOW

Take charge and take control and you will win the first round. Start with small milestones, getting up on time, keeping a log of what one eats – consistency pays in the long run.

Mantra 4: When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this you havent

You can never be a total failure if you try to do something worthwhile. When it comes to improving your mental and physical health, the key is to schedule and prioritize and keep pushing yourself to keep at it.

Mantra 5: Its impossible to fail totally if you dare to try

Get used to things that you never tried, like Parizad ensured that she starts enjoying her green tea and replaced her regular 5 to 6 cups of sugared and milky tea and coffee. And now the Zaras and the Debenhamss of the world which were always a distant dream for her are part of her wardrobe.

Parizad also shares other learning from her journey:
When a problem comes your way, you dont have to lie down and die.
Take professional help wherever required to achieve your goals.
Keep pursuing your goals with resilience.
Listen to your inner voice, only you know whats good for you.
You have to give up I cant.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Developing a positive mind set can sustain you when you are taking risks and gambles.
Never compromise on your me time, if you cant take care of yourself, how will you take care of your families?

Parizad summarizes this by saying, You wont win if you dont begin.