being on board is good

As you become established in your career, opportunities start to arise for you to get involved in organizations, civic groups and even corporations related to your industry or expertise. Adding a board appointment to your resume is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success. But it’s just not a resume builder. You should be on boards because :

Connections – You meet some really fascinating people.  Board meetings, events, planning new initiatives opens you up to whole new networks.

Credibility & Recognition –It is like a public endorsement of your value.  It is also  an affiliation you can be proud to share and promote.

Exposure – It’s buy azithromycin usa interesting to see how different organizations operate on a much deeper level. You will build market and industry knowledge and networks through exposure to a diverse range of issues from the perspective of a board member. It may be where your next client or job comes from.

Context – Boards give you a new level of appreciation for the different types of groups and people that make any society strong. It builds your capacity to develop career and leadership skills that you may not be able to develop in your day job.

Impact – You’ll help make a difference in a company, a community, an industry, and quite possibly, in a lot of individual lives.