365 days fly by.. A day by itself does not seem much but one day at a time forming one full year surely is time to pause and reflect, to look at our achievements and initiatives with pride and to be ready to work towards new milestones. 2017 would always be a very special year in the journey of BeyonDiversity. This year saw the organization rewriting its goals, pivoting from Biz Divas Foundation to BeyonDiversity thus expanding the scope of IMPACT – Beyond Diversity

The Future of work is knocking NOW and at BeyonDiversity we started initiatives to help our partners embrace FOW trends 

FOW research

This year we did an extensive research on Future of Work in Indian context. Our team led by Sarika Gupta and Rashmi Mandloi reached out more than 100 organizations  to understand the talent economics in the country – current fabric of the talent pool, gaps in skills required for future jobs and to build a talent framework for the workforce of 2030.

Top three trends from the research are:

The diverse workforce will be characterized by innovative thoughts, nonlinear organizations and would resemble a network of jobs.

Focus is on understanding the unique needs of the millennial generation and devising a strategy to engage them towards a common purpose which they value.

Empathy, networking skills and managing the virtual world would be the skills required to survive in the new world. Communication and transparency will be the most important factors in a virtual world. For more details on research please click here

Taking this forward, we invited Eleanor Tabi haller – Jorden to present her insights on ‘How Artificial Intelligence is going to impact the talent space.  The session which was conducted in partnership with RBS – a BeyonDiversity Corporate network partner and attended by senior business leaders from diverse industries, evoked pertinent thoughts and quelled fear/uncertainties revolving around automation and future of work

Women on Boards

BeyonDiversity has been promoting the cause of balanced leadership in corporate, community and public offices for the last 6 years. To further this cause, we relaunched our Women on Boards Network which will aim to mentor and support influential women leaders in different fields who can lead organisations and community at leadership/boardroom levels

WOB summit

WoB summit was held in Mumbai and attended by more than 100 senior women form across the country. Few prominent leaders in the room were – Debjani Ghosh – President, Nasscom, Zarina Stanford – SAP Head of Marketing APJ, Anuranjita Kumar – CHRO RBS, Eleanor Tabi Haller Jorden – President and CEO – The Paradigm Forum, Reeta Nathwani – International Executive Coach, Srini Ramaswamy – Head inclusion and Collaboration at Cisco.


BeyonDiversity proudly presented the Women on Board award to the Future Group for having more than 1 independent women director on board.

Connecting Conversations

Conversations are essential to bring together stakeholders of the change we want to see in our society and the workplace. We took to different platforms to connect with people to address varied range of issues from Women on Boards, essential leadership skills, inspiring stories of leaders of influence and many more.

Table of EightTable of Eight event is an opportunity for senior women leaders aspiring to be on Boards. To seek real world advice from the mentors who have already achieved these milestones. With this objective, Table of Eight was held across various cities in India, and also outside India – in Singapore.

Bangalore – Akila Krishnakumar

Delhi –  Debjani Ghosh

Mumbai – Kalpana Unadkat

Singapore- Zarina Lam Stanford

BD Think Tank is an initiative by BeyonDiversity which helps to provide a platform for creating awareness and sharing best practices on inclusion. It is dedicated to progressing the discussion on diversity, understanding the challenges and issues facing organisations in the region. We are thrilled to see eagerness of organizations to partner with BD Think Tank in this initiative.

The most recent was held with the corporate partner – RBS in Gurgaon was a thought provoking session with business leaders from top organizations across varied industries.

Webinars – Webinars give us an opportunity to transcend boundaries and go global to get the best talent to interact with our executives.as people connected, shared, learned from each other’s journey – We have had some amazing feedback on the webinars. These webinars have provided a continuum of learning and growing with world class leaders like Lauren Anderson, Zarina Lam Stanford, Anuranjita Kumar, and Tanvi Gautam.

I InspireI Inspire is our annual inclusive leadership conference which this year was weaved around the theme of ‘Infinite Potential’. Seeding from the very basic thought that each individual has an infinite potential that needs a supportive and progressive ecosystem to evolve and flourish, the high impact forum created a common ground for learning, networking and sharing with the most inspiring and inclusive leaders.

I inspire awards in various categories were presented to individuals and organizations making their mark in the corporate and social space. BeyonDiversity takes pride in honouring these change makers. More details on the conference available here.  

L.E.A.P – Leadership Advancement Program has grown stronger and robust than ever before. A pool of diverse women talent get to be mentored by an equally diverse, top business leaders from across varied industries. BeyonDiversity systematically invests in the women talent over a period of 6-9 months program to help them grow as leaders.  More than 35 women leaders are a part of this robust network

Immersive sessions

Through Immersive sessions we focus on exploring the current realities about where we are, where we want to go, what skills and networks we require to reach there, unleash our hidden potential.  What makes this a holistic development program is a combined focus on skills, inner leadership capacity and network of mentors and coaches.

Network Growth / New Geographies/ International Leaders 

Our own diverse team

The diversity that we seek in the world is something that we embody in our own organization. A truly diverse team ranging from Baby boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Yers, and recently inducted millennials keep the spirit and vision of the team alive.  The organization has seen exciting growth in the last 1 year as we do not let the geographical boundaries, physical presence and stringent work timings come in the way of unique talent the organization taps into. Remote locations, digital presence and flex work arrangements make sure that we tap into the best talent and keep the team at its productive best!  

Wish you all a Happy 2018!