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Aditi Kothari Desai , Vice Chairperson of DSP Mutual Fund, claims that “your money makes money on the money it makes.” Aditi Kothari Desai is a steadfast champion for women’s financial independence and their pursuit of careers in finance. She graduated with a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She serves on the board of DASRA, one of India’s top strategic philanthropy organisations, in addition to her role as Independent Director at Godrej Agrovet.

A seasoned expert in the fintech sector, Aditi, counsels all young women to start investing as soon as they receive their first paycheck. The sooner one starts investing, the more money will compound. Women sometimes avoid investing or perceive it as a chore or responsibility that belongs to the “men” in the family, but this shouldn’t be the case. Make sure to set aside 20% of your first paycheck for investing in SIP, says Aditi.

Women need to be reminded that they must “own” their earnings, says Aditi. Sadly, planning and investing the money that women independently make is not something that comes naturally to them.

It is about time that women start managing their wealth and take control of their finances. Aditi advises all women to “profile their risk,” which means recognising their own risk-taking capacity and allocating resources accordingly. “You need a financial advisor to help you balance them both if your risk-taking capacity is higher and your risk tolerance is very low,” advises Aditi.

“You need a financial advisor to help you balance them both if your risk-taking capacity is higher and your risk tolerance is very low,” advises Aditi.

Aditi was drawn to fintech because of the extensive paperwork associated with this industry. Aditi explains, “I wanted something that would make all kinds of transactions paperless; therefore, we started our own portal for transactions”.

She wanted to use the various types of analysis that fintech offers to assist individuals in making educated decisions and helping themselves. Aditi, who entered the banking industry when she was quite young, counsels women financiers to maintain their confidence and establish boundaries. Despite the fact that women tend to be more patient than men, which makes them better fund managers, there are still few women leaders in the finance sector. Aditi says, “I would encourage all women to do more than just have the desire to get into marketing or corporate services, even if these are fantastic positions.” Aditi recommends women choose fund management as a profitable career option and take the plunge.

She is dedicated to fostering a more diverse and gender-equitable finance sector by elevating visibility, encouraging variety in thought, and enabling women to forge their own paths to success. She counsels all Women leaders to embrace their differences without fear. Aditi asserts that a leader must have the courage to stand out. While a leader will always run the risk of making the wrong choice, she should constantly consider the decision’s long-term effects and make the tough call.

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About Aditi Kothari: Aditi Kothari Desai is the Vice Chairperson of DSP Asset Managers (DSPAM). She began her career in 1998 with Merrill Lynch’s investment banking division in New York. Aditi holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. In addition to holding the position of Independent Director at Godrej Agrovet, she also sits on the board of DASRA, one of India’s top strategic philanthropy organisations. Since she was ten years old, Aditi has been a wildlife enthusiast and is a trustee at the Wildlife Conservation Trust. Aditi is passionate about wealth management and is keen on educating and motivating and teaching women about investments.

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