This year, we saw an unprecedented global movement for women’s rights,
equality and justice. Whether it was in the form of global marches and
campaigns, including #METOO and #TimesUP. Echoing the same sentiments, UN
Commission called out for a new Action – #TimeisNOW. Never has been the call
for equality been more imperative or so collaborative. While many will debate
about the purpose of celebrating just ONE DAY of the Year for Women’s Day –
but remember till we really gain the equal opportunity for all, we need to grab
each day till we transform this momentum into Action.

That’s exactly what we intend to do. This weekend, we joined Global Movement
of women mentoring other women & girls. We walked in #GlobalMentoringWalk
with more than 100,000 women & girls walking in more than 150 walks in 60

countries. As part of Vital Voices Fellow network and as a Flag bearer of the
walks in India & Singapore, we partnered with more than 20 walks across India
& Singapore. It is our duty to share our learnings and insights with future
generation and help another woman. It is indeed true that as soon as power is
shared it expands.

But as we said, it cannot be one-day affair. It is a call out for a long term
sustainable activation. Our journey continues with series of inspiring sessions
with our inclusion champions. We are launching three new Mentorship
programs focusing on Social Entrepreneurs and Women on Boards. And we are
committed to support our top 100 BD Fellows in the network for next 5 years
who would be going for year long “UnLTD” program sponsored completely by us.
We would be honouring and celebrating many champions and role models at I
Inspire 2018. And the list continues.

So Yes, Women’s Day is not one DAY. It is everyday because #TimeisNOW.

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Sarika Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder & CEO, BeyonDiversity Foundation is a highly respected speaker on gender diversity, leadership and related business issues. She was felicitated with Leadership in Mentoring Award by Hillary Clinton &Vital Voices. She has been featured as the Top 10 Global Diversity Consultants by The Economist and one of theTop 50 Indian Women to follow in Twitter by WOW Asia. You can follow her on twitter @sarikabhattach