Think Tank

Our global network of inclusion champions & organisations strives to advance equal opportunity & inclusion for all

BD Think Tank provides a platform for creating awareness on inclusive practices, conducting research and building advocacy platform to promote inclusive leadership.

We are dedicated to progressing the discussion on diversity, understanding the challenges and issues facing organizations & communities in the region. We publish research and hold events & round tables for sharing the best practices around the region. The member organizations get an invitation to participate in the round table discussions, public forums & free access to research.

BD Think Tank also publishes a Bi annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum (DIF) list which is a non-exhaustive list of professionals in South East Asia and India who have contributed to make their organization and society more inclusive. With DIF, BD Foundation attempts to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of individuals who have leveraged their skills and position to promote diversity and inclusion within their organization and in the society to make an impact. These individuals are from various professional fields- corporate executive, community services, entrepreneurs and journalists. The list does not show any ranking. We also understand that there are many more individuals working selflessly to promote inclusion and would like to appreciate their efforts and achievements.

If you are an organization championing the cause of Inclusion and want to subscribe for being a Think Tank member, please write in to for further details.