successI have asked many corporate leaders why they get up every morning and go to work.  Obvious answers are, job, money, career, aspirations, challenges, success, et al.  No one thinks becoming more influential at work is important.

Achieving success at work, or in life, is an eternal goal.  No day is spent without questioning ourselves whether we are successful or not, to whatever extent.

Success to me is not a Big Bang event or achievement in one’s life time.  Success to me is every single moment of feeling influential. It is –

  • Convincing the board to approve a proposal
  • Winning over colleagues on an idea or initiative
  • Building trust with the boss
  • Inspiring your team
  • Wooing your wife to a dinner out, or
  • Cajoling your kids to finish breakfast quickly.

All of these events define how ‘successful’ you are!

A good day is when all your stakeholders agree with, approve of, obey, follow, support, believe and admire you.

This to me is Success, unconditionally!

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Rajeev Raju

Rajeev Raju, Executive Coach & Facilitator. Rajeev’s 23-year career experience includes roles in Management Consulting, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Strategic Advisory and Executive Coaching. As an ICF Certified Coach & Facilitator, Rajeev has been involved in engagements encompassing vision setting, strategy facilitation, collaborating across cultures, communication skills, personal branding, leadership development, conflict management and emotional intelligence. His clientele has been mainly CXOs and high performers in global organizations. Rajeev firmly believes that, leaders with high Gravitas are successful, influential and inspirational.

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