Inclusion in India – Best Practices

Concept Note


BD foundation spearheaded Inclusion in India Inc. research in the year 2016 establishing a recognition of ‘inclusion being a journey and not an outcome’. It also understood that organizations are looking at a multi-pronged approach to promote inclusion – communication, polices, sensitization efforts and support mechanisms to help people succeed.

To continue to understand the robust tradition of D&I maximization in the Indian firms, BD Foundation commences its second research survey – `Inclusion in India-Best Practices. This study is a pioneer, intense exploratory capture of the best practices to cater to all the D&I related landscaping and assessment of the corporations in India.

Study Approach

We believe that Diversity and inclusion together is the interplay of five salient features and the survey strives to capture the same via an online survey and detailed discussions. The research design ensures a holistic coverage of all the aspects of D&I within the organization with a vision to provide a:

  • Comprehensive and integrated D&I standing of each participating firm.
  • Mechanism to deal with the issues of D&I implementation within the firm.

What is in it for Organizations ?



Awareness & Comparison

Awareness of the D&I Standing and best practices of organizations

Trend comparisons within organizations to gauge the D&I processes and best practices


Assessment & Debrief

Personalized debrief and follow up on D&I practices

Assessment of best practices and areas of improvements/opportunities with respect to D&I Goals


Consolidated Survey Report showcasing trends, percentages, co-relations, best practices, success stories and achievements of D&I champions of participating firms.

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Salient Features of Report

  • Specialized questions both online and indepth on the following parameters— demographics, balance, transparency, acceptance and sustainability
  • Three easy steps to participate
    • First Step: Lucid and simple online questionnaire.

    • Second step: Interviews with participating organizations – D&I specialists, Organization Human Resources experts or  D&I Sponsors.

    • Third Step: Verification of each submission by a team of specialists of data analytics and researchers, along with overseeing the process.

  • Information provided remains strictly private and confidential.
  • Incisive reporting framework explicitly customized to give out highly accurate and holistic results through the usage of remarkably effective contemporary methodology and tools.
  • Release of the report April 2018
  • Information received shall be retained annually with a comparative reporting done once in every two years.

The Process

Each organization will be sent one link which needs to be taken by them at an organizational level. The online questionnaire is set in survey monkey and is divided into 50 questions covering the following sections. (Responses will be captured via multiple choice options)

  • Organization and Hiring
  • Organization Strategy
  • Employee Engagement/Development
  • D&I Training
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • CXO Commitment
  • Top Team Diversity
  • Supplier Diversity
  • CSR
  • Business Case
  • Open ended questionnaire

All open-ended questions supporting the online questionnaire will be covered in the qualitative Interviews. The qualitative Interview will take approximately an hour and will be done telephonically.