Executive Coaching

Moving intent to action

Organizations invested in the growth of its Senior Management activate the potential of a new generation of change-making, boundary-pushing leaders.

We specialize in working with CXO’s, Board of Directors and senior leaders to deliver impactful performance gains by creating more inclusive leaders, teams and organizations. The plans are uniquely tailored to every individual and organization. The coaching will broadly encompass deeper and sustainable learning leading to habit forming behavior and change.

We provide customized plan uniquely tailored to each individual and organization. The coach and client work together to design a collaborative process that creates and meets the desired goals. BD Foundation Coaching programs focus on key areas required for personal growth and inclusive leadership.  The coaching will broadly cover the following aspects and documented goals agreed on:

  • Deep dive into understanding self– awareness and Self-reflection
  • Customized tools to work in alignment with one’s core personality
  • Roadmap to offline and online visibility
  • Enhance the confidence quotient
  • Coaching for Leadership Development
  • Coaching for Inclusive Teams
  • Coaching for Inclusion