In the smash hit Avengers: Infinity War, a team of superheroes comes together to defend the world from a threat they cannot tackle alone. If we had to draw a real-life parallel, it is kind of like building a successful team consisting of a group of people with the right mix of professional skills.

While we all have our unique abilities, personalities, and motivation, at work, some visions are bigger than one individual and some challenges are too major to face alone. By pooling in our talents, we can go on to achieve great things.

Here’s the team of superheroes you need to assemble to succeed at work:

Iron Man                         

Superpower: Confidence

Confronted with Thanos’ crew wreaking havoc as they search for the Infinity Stone, Tony Stark aka Iron Man delivers his signature cocky line. “You can’t park here, buddy. Earth is closed today. Take your tractor beam and skedaddle.”

Every organisation needs an Iron Man, a genius whose self-confidence stops short of arrogance. He treads that thin line between being self-assured and believing that you are above everybody else. His style of confidence – a recognition and assertion of his own abilities and qualities — can inspire others and help get the job done.

Captain America

Superpower: Control

What makes Steve Rogers the best choice for captain of your team? His calm demeanour, coupled with strategic prowess. The Marvel universe, where there seems to be a short supply of adults who act like, well, adults, is not unlike the real world of work, where ego clashes and bad behaviour commonly occur between team members. Captain America’s ability to suppress his impulses and master his emotional reactions is his greatest strengths. Take this situation in the film, when Thanos’ army surrounds Wakanda. “Thanos will have that stone,” says the evil Proxima Midnight. “That’s not gonna happen,” is Steve’s measured response. A solid, grounded leadership style like his can bring any group with a common goal together.

Black Widow

Superpower: Diverse perspective

Natasha Romanoff is strong, resourceful, skilled, good with computers and conversation…all in all, a people’s person. But most importantly, as one of the few women on the team, she brings a unique perspective to the group. When Bruce Banner points out Thanos is after Vision’s stone, the latter’s immediate response is, “We have to destroy it.” But she says, “We have to protect it,” and that’s the route the team eventually takes.

The fact is, non-homogenous teams are just smarter. Working with people who are different from you helps you see things from a fresh perspective, and forces you to sharpen your performance. Black Widow may have the same abilities as the men on her team, yet the unique perspective she offers is her most important contribution.


Superpower: Strength

Remember how Thor responds when Rocket Raccoon tells him that Thanos is “the toughest there is”? “Well, he has never fought me,” says the mighty hammer-wielding god.

Having a dominant personality like Thor on the team is always a plus. People like him make strong leaders, especially if there is a crisis. They’re always willing to take on new challenges and are great at handling stressful situations and heavy workloads. The energy a personality like this exudes can encourage fellow team members to stay focused on their tasks and targets. They aren’t afraid to take risks and often come up with bold, creative solutions.


Superpower: Team player

To become a successful leader, you first have to become a successful team player. And there’s no better role model than Peter Parker, who swings into action the moment he sees a giant alien spaceship. Being quick on the uptake is just one of the teamwork skills Spiderman excels at in this movie – he’s also open to the other superheroes’ ideas and perspectives, appreciative of other people’s work styles, adapts quickly to every threat they face, remains personable even under the most trying circumstances and is completely focused on the team’s goals. “I got you. I got you. Sorry, I can’t remember anyone’s names,” he says while rescuing the other Avengers from Thanos’ attack. After all, a team player never lets you down.

Doctor Strange

Superpower: Learning agility

Fourteen million six hundred and five — that’s the number of alternate futures Dr. Stephen Strange views when he goes forward in time to see all the possible outcomes of the conflict with Thanos. Every team needs the learning agility, or ability to incorporate new material quickly, that is Dr. Strange’s greatest strength. His strong problem-solving skills, ability to read people and learn on the fly, demonstration of perspectives, pursuit of personal learning, command skills and leadership qualities are all traits necessary for a team’s success.

Black Panther

Superpower: Courage

T’Challa’s fearless confrontation of challenging odds to fight for what he believes in are traits you want to see in a team member. Among his most admirable qualities is his willingness to charge headlong into dangerous situations — like lowering Wakanda’s shields to let the enemy in. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the ideals he believes in and the people he cares about. It’s his courage backed up by action that makes him such a powerful hero worth emulating. “You are in Wakanda now,” he tells the other Avengers to prepare for an epic battle. “Thanos will have nothing but dust, and blood.”

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