BD Mentoring identifies and invests in women leaders & inclusion champions via training, mentoring & creating visibility for the work they do.  Our research proves that  these champions are multipliers as they pay it forward to the next wave of leaders. They share their learning and access to networks by mentoring the inclusive leaders of tomorrow. We believe this has a far reaching ripple impact.

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What Our Clients Say

My Mentor is fabulous – just the sheer strength with which she has relocated alone without family internationally and taken a global role is an inspiration to me.

I am happy to be mentored by her.


– Gayathri Ramamoorthy

I am thankful to Biz Divas for running the Mentoring programme for women professionals. Through this programme I have benefited immensely in my career journey. This has given me an opportunity to connect with a mentor in the industry who has helped me get access to new knowledge, tools, connections and ideas to tackle my personal leadership and career goals. I was able to broaden my horizon and receive clear and actionable inputs for development of my objectives around strategic thinking and networking. The timing of the programme was especially useful for me personally as it coincided with a critical elevation in my profile and a new assignment. Hence I gained immensely while handling the change and settling in phase. This programme is recommended for women leaders.


– Amrita Bhaumik, HR Business Partner, Valvoline Cummins Limited

It’s been a great experience for me being Nilanjana’s mentor. I may have inspired her in a few ways but she has inspired me in many more ways. Her simplicity and unconditional support to the Bandwari women is so inspiring. It’s been a rewarding and satisfying experience and I’m extremely proud of being her mentor.


– Shalini Vig Wadhwa, Founder, 100 Degrees

When I took on the role for Biz Divas I was nervous because I am always anxious about my abilities when I take on something new but because of my love for expanding my horizons and doing new things I was happy to take on the role. The first time I met my mentee I saw a very mature, clear headed and bright professional and my first thought was B she is so smart, why does she need mentoring? And, of course, the pressure on me to add value became even greater. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions we had. They have been great learning experiences for me because I have felt challenged to rise up to her level and gently suggest steps she can take pro-actively to enhance her role and become a valued professional in her new company.


– Gagan Singh, CEO, Business Chairperson Sri Lanka Operations, JLL

Amrita is an extremely good to mentee to have, I think She’s quite proactive, follows up on the things we discuss during our sessions and is serious about her development. Sometimes there is a bit longer gap than we would ideally want between our meetings due to both our travel schedules but apart from that it is great. I find that it’s been useful for me as well as a mentor. You come to face your own internal conflicts and your processes to deal with those conflicts as you guide someone with their journeys.


– Vineeta Yadav, Head Talent Management, DSM India

One of the best things to happen to me was when Biz Divas gave me the opportunity to be part of their Mentoring program with likeBminded women. The journey of Mentoring that we embarked upon gives me personally a very big high. I would like to once again thank Biz Divas for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Mentoring program and I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts taken to ensure that the program enriches not only our professional lives but also personal lives. I have been fortune to have Mr.Rajesh Padmanabhan, the CHRO of Capgemini as my mentor. I was very impressed with the focused approach in which Rajesh conducts our sessions. He asks pointed questions, makes candid observations, gentle suggestions, draws subtle inferences and most of all B listens to the untold.


– Sangeeta Acharya, Associate Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), STAR India Pvt Ltd

I have had some wonderful conversations with my mentor and from the first discussion onwards, I found her to be insightful, perceptive and empathetic. She has been a patient listener and has made very valuable suggestions. Her advice has been spot on and I do plan to work on it quite seriously. I hope to stay in touch with her and hope to meet her sometime soon. My mentor is a successful and well placed woman in a leadership role and I am fortunate I got a chance to interact with her in a nonBbusiness environment. A big thank you to BizDivas for connecting me with my mentor.


– Gesu Kaushal, Executive Director, Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited     

Mentoring has helped me through the change process B My sessions started at a time when I was in a transition mode and in the midst of taking certain decisions with regards to the next steps. The discussions with Gagan were very helpful at this stage. She heard me out patiently and did not just validate my preferences. She was always direct and shared her observations with me in a very constructive manner. It helped me put all things in the right perspective that helped me get much more clarity to arrive at my final decision. My mentor’s advice to me about being patient and making the most of the opportunities being presented really helped me. Also, Gagan has this way of putting my responses to any situation in a context, that made me feel I was doing the right thing.


– Vermeen Kapoor, Vice President – Technology & Planning, Shinsei Bank


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